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“Ruk” is a Thai word, meaning “to preserve”. “Ton Ruk” is hardwood perennial tree. It is indigenous to Takuapa District.  “Bann” in Thai means home. Our name – “Ban Ton Ruk”—means the home of Ton Ruk tree. 

We are located on the westcoast of Thailand—60 km north of Pang-nga and 800 km south of Bangkok. Please [click here] for the details of how to get here.

Takuapa was a great city. It was known as “Takola” to people from various races such as Chinese, Indian, and Arab. It was a portal and center of commerce.  In the beginning of the Rattanakosin (current) era,  Takuapa still had economic importance. It was the main city which produced raw tin for Thailand. During the mid-Rattanakosin time, its importance has decreased. Takuapa has become a district under the province of Pang-nga.

Most areas in Takuapa are hilly with very little plain areas. Takuapa river is our main river flowing to Andaman ocean.  Takuapa is in a raining area. It rains 8 months a year. Therefore, Takuapa is also known as “FonPadDadSee” (RainEightSunshineFour) city.

As of 2007, there are 44,959 people in Takuap. Here, the main vocation is agriculture, especially rubber farms and fruit farms. Currently, Takuapa is developing its tourism industry. Main natural resources are forestry--especially mangrove forest--and more




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